Born                      :              31st July 2001 in Barcelona, Spain. Lives in Russia.

Management      :              Norwegian.


This young singer has both Spanish and Russian citizenship. With his strong, personal connections also to Armenia, Norway and Italy he has already had the possibility to earn knowledge of several cultures.


In 2008 his Russian family left Barcelona and returned to the city of Nizhny Novgorod in Russia, where Felix for a while continued his judo training started at a very early age. 2 years later he finished second in a judo competition. Felix is also a big football fan.

However, he loved to sing and, being born into a family where all is about “Song & Music”, he was advised to take lessons. First in a music club, then in early 2010 he was admitted to join the school and Sivukhin LK choir in Nizhny Novgorod where he achieved top score for both vocal and piano.

Now brought up by a singel father who struggles to find ways to support his son's desire of becoming a star singer. 

3 months after becoming a choir-boy Felix won 2nd place in an International competition in Rimini, Italy, arranged by the Triumf Agency in St. Petersburg, and competing amongst much older and more experienced singers. In 2011 he was one of the winners in the program “Minutes of Fame/Tu Si Que Vales” in Spain and then in 2012 in ShantTV's program "My name is...", (Armenia) he was  everybody’s little favorite. 


Felix has always been a passionate admirer of Robertino Loreti, the world famous Italian singer, and happily sings all his songs in concerts. In the beginning he learned simply by listening to Robertino’s beautiful songs at home and dreamed of becoming a singer himself.

In 2011 Felix finally meet his great idol, Robertino Loreti of Rome and his musician maestro Fabrizio Masci, who gave him a memorable time and valuable advice.

Robertino and the maestro decided to educate and follow this talented child and as a gift to Felix Robertino gave him the masterpiece of a song – “Amore”. Written and composed by Robertino himself. In return Felix gave Robertino his own CD “Golos Mira”, made to honor Robertino and his beautiful singing as a child. The song was written for Felix by another Robertino admirer, the famous composer Mr. Terhanov Sergey of Nizhny Novgorod/Saransk. For Felix this song has been translated into English by the poet Karen Kavaleryan and named “The voice of peace”.

In the very beginning of Felix's search for a life as a singer, the rector of Nizhny Novgorod State Conservatory (Academy), Mr. Edward B. Fertelmeister, composed music and the poet Vladimir Kolchin wrote the lyrics for the song World of Children. Another memorable gift to the little talent, Felix.


The summer of 2012 Felix was presented as a part of 2 private Robertino concerts in Norway. On stage he instantly became a favorite as The New Generation of “Robertinos” and spontaneously the first Felix Fan Club was founded – in Norway.

At the same time Felix had chosen to be baptized in Norway, with his Norwegian and Italian “families” present. A lovely ceremony. Felix alone singing Ave Maria of Schubert in the church accompanied by maestro Masci. With money earned from these concerts and gifts for his own baptism, Felix bought his first piano.


For the last 3 years Felix has been determined to follow the line of Robertino’s songs, as well as other classical music and opera. So, late 2012 Felix went back to Norway where he, as the very first private student of Robertino Loreti’s academy of singing, passed his master class exams with honors and achieved the Diploma. The teachers were Robertino in person and his collaborating teacher maestro Masci.

At the end of the master class Felix was informed that a 100 year old golden watch, an earlier present from Robertino to Eva, the general manager, later would be passed over to Felix. In this way Robertino’s watch again will be owned by a “golden singer”.


Since the same autumn Felix has also been a student of Mr. Larin Mikhail S., opera singer. Since 1979 Mr. Larin has been a soloist of the Nizhny Novgorod State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. Felix’s videos and studio recordings has all been made by another good helper, soloist in the same opera theatre Mr. Perminov Sergei. To both Felix owes a great deal for his success.  


 The year 2013 –

 In Spring Felix was invited to Moscow by artistic director and chief conductor, honored Artist of Russia, Alexander Klevitsky and his Academic concert orchestra Yu. V. Silanteva to sing with them in the concert hall Royal. A great opportunity and the audience happily learned to know Felix as “The little boy in red shirt”.

Robertino and maestro Masci had seen the child Felix as an extremely talented, quick learning student and offered to take him through also the highest level of the Academy, which took place in March followed by Felix’s own Diploma concert, again accompanied by maestro Masci.

As a delightful surprise to all, Robertino this evening sang his everlasting “O sole mio”. 

At this time Robertino had already arranged to bring Felix on “The Baltic Tour”. A tour of 6 concerts in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania during December 2013 with Lithuania’s St. Christopher’s chamber orchestra. All arranged by the international event company UAB Live Nation Lithuania

The very young boy impressed the audience and media and was a great success. On stage Robertino presented Felix Karamian as his follower, The New Robertino and "transferred" his entire repertoire of songs to Felix.


If time permits this busy little boy, maestro Masci has invited him to Rome to participate in concerts and festivals whenever possible.


The year 2014, new adventures –

 Teachers, singers, musicians and audience who know this little wonderboy, expect him to have a great future as a star singer and we are quite sure we will be able to add many interesting details to now 12 year old Felix Karamian’s story in the future.


The years 2014 - 2015 -

After the BalticTour the voice of "the little boy" Felix suddenly changed. In this time he has grown to be a wonderful young boy, but at the same time he must "stay low".  Still, he will be back to sing for you as soon as it is all over..

We thank you for waiting and invite you back with us!!      


Norway/Russia, April 2015


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